Staff matters can often be rather complicated, especially in jurisdictions where clients are not familiar with local requirements. Seamark can take care of all of these requirements and also offer additional employment and payroll support to clients according to their needs. We can assist in the below and other areas related to staff remuneration:

  • Registering an entity as employer with the Tax Department and the Social Insurance Department

  • Registering employees of the company

  • Setting up and maintaining the payroll function of an entity , including monthly payroll computations, preparation of payslips, making relevant payments for Income Tax (Pay As You Earn) and Social Insurance Contributions

  • Setting up and administering a bonus scheme on an ad-hoc basis

  •  Advising on legal and regulatory obligations as well as tax issues affecting expatriate employees

  • Advising on employment contracts and employment law issues

  • Assisting in obtaining work permits

  • Assisting in setting up and administering provident funds