Tax and VAT Compliance

We ensure tax compliance with the prevailing local regulations whilst we assist in managing the impact of tax on your business. VAT rates and regulations evolve and depending on the operations of a company VAT treatment, registration requirements and other VAT related issues can become very complicated. We can provide specialised VAT advice and planning as well as a complete range of services to ensure compliance with VAT reporting and registration requirements. Among the services we can provide are the following:

  • Registration for corporation tax and VAT purposes

  • Arranging for the submission of accounts tax and VAT  (including VIES and INTRASTAT) returns to the relevant authorities within then set deadlines

  • Handling payments of levies, duties and taxes as they fall due

  • Arranging for tax and VAT clearance

  • Assistance and representation in case of tax and VAT inspections and enquiries

  • Applications for Tax Residency Certificates to be issued  

  • Applications for refund of taxes and VAT suffered abroad, depending on the facts of each case