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About Us

Seamark Consultants Ltd was established in 2004 as Fiducenter (Cyprus) Ltd, a name which has been using up until January 2019. 
We provide a comprehensive range of international business services related to Cyprus, including setting up and operating a business in Cyprus, becoming a resident, citizen or tax resident of the country, family office, accounting...

About Cyprus

If you are considering transferring your head office to a European region that offers business friendly tax benefits, a highly qualified English speaking workforce, government sponsored business incentives and an impressive infrastructure to aid your daily operations, look to Cyprus!
This beautiful island located in the Eastern Mediterranean has been ranked in the top 5...

Publications: Incentives to Invest, Set Up a Business and Relocate to Cyprus

As part of its effort to attract foreign
investors to invest as well as
qualified individuals to relocate
and work in the country...

Introduction: Investment Funds in Cyprus

Investing through an investment fund offers significant advantages as compared to individual investing. The legal, tax and overall business environment of Cyprus is ideal for the setting up and management of investment funds.

Video: Setting Up or Relocating a Head/Regional Office

Are you looking for a place to set up or relocate a Head/Regional Office?Check out our video  to see how Cyprus can form an ideal location and how we can help you!

Analysis: Redomiciliation to and from Cyprus

Cyprus has become a very popular destination for redomiciliations (transfers of legal seat) to the country over the last few years and there are very good reasons for this.

Moving to Cyprus with Family? Glad to Assist!

Cyprus is an ideal place for people relocating to the country whether for business purposes (setting-up a business or as an employee), for retirement or indeed for any other reason to bring their family along.

Setting Up
Presence in Cyprus? We Can Help

Cyprus offers a plethora of reasons why foreign investors and businessmen should not only invest in the country or simply add it on the diagram of their international business structures, but also to relocate to the country and transfer their business activities there.