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Announcement by Registrar of Companies for UBO Register

On 1 September 2023 the Cyprus Registrar of Companies issued an announcement in view of the upcoming implementation of the final solution of the electronic system of the Register of Beneficial Owners that is expected to take place around the end of October 2023.

UBO Register – Obliged Entities

With an announcement on 3 January 2023, the Registrar clarified that obliged entities must submit a Solemn Declaration along with their application for provision of UBO information...

UBO Register for Investment Funds – Important Clarifications

The Cyprus Registrar of Companies through an announcement issued on 9 December 2022, clarified that what should be declared is the latest available information about a beneficial owner of an investment fund.

Cyprus Registrar of Companies Suspends Access to UBO Register

The Cyprus Registrar of Companies announced on 28 November 2022 that access to the UBO Register for the general public is suspended with effect from 23 November 2022.

ECJ Decision on Public Access to UBO Registers

On 22 November 2022, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) effectively ruled that public access to the registers of beneficial owners (UBO Registers) held by EU member states...

Limited Liability Shipping Company Introduced in Cyprus

The Limited Liability Shipping Company Law was approved by the Cyprus Parliament on 6 October 2022, enabling the formation of a Limited Liability Shipping Company.

Strike-Off of Companies with unpaid Annual Levies

With an announcement on 3 November 2022 the Cyprus Registrar of Companies has notified the intention to proceed with the strike-off of all companies with...

UBO Register – Deadline and Report Production

On 1 August 2022 the Cyprus Registrar of Companies announced that an application for the issuance of a “Beneficial Ownership Report” is available on...

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