Digital Nomad Visa – Extension of Number of Beneficiaries

Further to our previous newsfeed on this matter, on 3 March 2022 the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus decided for the number of persons who can obtain a Digital Nomad Visa to be increased from 100, which was set initially, to 500. This was due to interest for such a visa proving to be much greater than initially anticipated.

It is reminded that eligible for such a visa will be third country nationals who are self-employed or employees who work remotely for clients and employers respectively who are situated outside Cyprus.

The particular visa will provide the right to stay in Cyprus for up to one year, with a right to renewal for another two years.

Upon request, a residence permit, expiring at the same time as the one of a holder of a Digital Nomad visa, can be granted to his/her family members. During their stay in Cyprus, the spouse or partner (concerns persons who have entered into a civil union) and the minor members of the applicant’s family are not allowed to provide dependent work or to engage in any kind of economic activity in the country.

Applicants for such a visa will have to show receipt from abroad of at least €3,500 per month (supported by salary slips, bank statements, etc.), increased by 20% for the spouse and by 15% for any minor. Furthermore, they need to provide a declaration that they undertake not to provide any kind of employment or service to an employer or client based in Cyprus. They also need to provide evidence about their employment or occupation (i.e. employment contract or engagement agreement in case they are freelancers or details about the enterprise in case they are self-employed). They also have to hold a medical insurance and to present a Clean Criminal Record Certificate from their country of residence.


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