Seamark Managing Director Panellist at two events in November

November has been a busy month for our Managing Director, George Savvides, in terms of panel discussions.

George participated on 9 November as a panellist to a conference organised for the first time by the network entitled “Beyond Borders: International Tax into 2020”. The event has surpassed expectations in terms of participation, both in number of participants and countries represented, but also in terms of the quality of presentations and discussions as well as of the breadth and depth of information and knowledge shared. The organisers also managed to entertain the participants with a wide range of ingenious social activities arranged.

George had the opportunity to present his views on the future of Double Tax Treaties in the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) era and to comment on some of the most controversial areas of BEPS, such as the Principal Purpose Test, Dispute Resolution and the taxation of the Digital Economy.

Then on 21 November George participated, for yet one more time, as a panellist to the Professional Services Forum, which will took place for the 5th consecutive year in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The panel discussion was on “The future of fiduciary, management and administration services offered to companies and individuals engaged in international business activities or involved in international business structures”. It sparked considerable interest, especially among representatives of Administrative Service Providers (ASPs).

In his opening remarks George focused on the importance of the role that the state has to play on areas such as promotion of the international business sector of Cyprus, response to unfounded accusations and rumours about the country and tactful handling of actions (or inactions) and statements by countries and organisations as part of international politics. Other points raised included the need to intensify all efforts towards substance and transparency, virtues which are vital in the reshape of the international business world.


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