Gradual Implementation of Tax For All Portal

Οn 17 January 2023, the Tax Department announced the commencement of the gradual implementation of the Tax For All (TFA) Portal. The portal is intended to replace in stages the TAXISnet platform as well as other systems and procedures.

The TFA Portal, will offer a wide range of services to taxpayers and/or their representatives, such as the following:

·         Registration

·         Updating of personal information

·         Submission of returns and supporting documents

·         Payments/Refund Claims

·         Raising of objections

·         Issuance of statements

·         Issuance of certificates

·         Submission of enquiries


The portal is expected to be completed in three stages. The first stage concerns the VAT, whereas most of the direct taxes are planned for coverage in the second stage. The practical changes concerning VAT include the following:

·         New Platform

·         Electronic submission of all the VAT Returns and supporting documents

·         Ability to update some personal details

·         Electronic payments and transaction history

·         Electronic refund request

·         Details/Account history

·         Direct communication with the Tax Department

·         Management of Representatives

·         New VAT number for new taxpayers which will not be matched with the identity number or the company registration number of the taxpayer

·         New VAT Return in a questionnaire format


As a first step, taxpayers are requested to proceed with updating their e-mail address/es via the TAXISnet website, as this is essential for the transfer of their account from TAXISnet to TFA. Related instructions are provided on the website of the Tax Department.

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