Holidays are Coming!!!

2023 has been yet one more challenging year, following the trend of the previous years.

The war in Ukraine has shown no signs of ending, tension in other areas around the globe has intensified to the extent that we now have another war conflict in Israel, states all over the world are still trying to tame inflation and the signs of climate change are becoming more obvious day by day.

We hope that 2024 will bring positive developments on all issues mentioned above and on all other hurdles and challenges the world is going through.

Whether it relates to guarding ourselves from viruses, avoiding war or any other conflict, treatment of refugees, protection of the environment, respecting diversity or any other aspect of our lives, we should not forget that Earth is everybody’s home and we all have an equal right of living on this planet.

 As we are approaching the festive season we would like to inform everyone that our office will remain closed for holidays from 25/12/2023 until 1 January 2024.

 This will be a well-deserved break for our team, whom we take the opportunity to sincerely thank for their hard work, support and dedication.

 We would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Healthier, Safer, Brighter New Year to everyone!


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