One Thing in Common

·         A top model, one of the best of her era, with a bright career in the international modelling scene

·         An international group in the baby nutrition industry with presence in many countries around the world

·         A world renowned brand in the fashion industry

·         A film production company which is behind famous films starring Hollywood actors

·         A group engaged in the renewable energy industry with projects accross the globe

·         A conglomerate involved in the waste management industry

·         One of the biggest banking groups in CIS region

·         One of the wealthiest people in the Scandinavian region


What do all these, otherwise totally diverse and different, entities and persons have in common?

The answer is that they have all been assisted by Seamark Consultants Ltd in either investing and/or establishing presence in Cyprus! Whether it was for a due diligence study,  for participating in tenders and competitions, for establishing and running a company or for support services such as bookkeeping, tax compliance, payroll and corporate administration, we have been always next to them, on every step and in every activity they have taken.

If you are considering investing and/or doing business in Cyprus, talk to us and see how we can help you, with no commitments! 

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