Seamark: Approved Provider for Cyprus Investment Programme

Seamark Consultants Ltd has recently got its authorisation for provision of services in relation to the Cyprus Investment Programme (the ‘Programme’ - previously Citizenship by Investment Scheme) re-assessed and confirmed by The Committee of Supervision and Control for the Programme.

Authorisation is granted, upon application, to firms which prove their capability to offer such services and which confirm compliance, at all times, with a code of conduct in relation to the Programme.

It is reminded that the Programme was revised a few months ago, by adding a few new and revising some existing requirements, but the basic philosophy and application remains the same. You can find more about the amendments on our relevant newsfeed.

We have plenty of informative material in relation to the Programme as well as other incentives for investing, relocating, and/or setting or relocating a company in Cyprus. We would be glad to provide you with these and discuss any specific cases based on their own facts, with no commitments! Feel free to contact us by completing the relevant form or via email: or phone: 00357 25504000.  

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