Updated Publications on Incentives to Invest, Set-up a Business and Relocate to Cyprus

Following the amendments introduced to the Cyprus Investment Programme (formerly known as Citizenship by Investment Scheme), as reported in our recent newsfeed, we have updated our publications covering, among others, the said Programme. In more detail, the following two publications can be found under a dedicated page on our website:

Practical Note 3: Incentives for Investing-Relocating

Infographic: Let Us Introduce You to Cyprus!

Besides the very popular Cyprus Investment Programme, the two publications cover (the first in more detail and the second in summary/illustrative form) other attractive schemes and incentives available in Cyprus, including the following:

    • Permanent Residency Programme
    • Non-Dom Regime
    • 60-days Tax Residency Scheme
    • Personal Income Tax Exemptions for persons relocating to Cyprus

As always, we are at your disposal for any further information or clarification and for considering any specific enquiries, concerns and ideas you may have.

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