Changes to Employment and Social Insurance Regulations

The Cyprus Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance has recently announced that on 13 September 2021, the Social Insurance (Contributions) (Amending) Regulations of 2017 (the “Regulations”) will enter into force.

The Regulations introduce the following changes:

1.  The application for registration of an employer should be submitted no later than one day prior to the date that the applicant is expected to become an employer.

2.  Each employer should notify the Social Insurance Department when employing a person, no later than one day before recruitment. Such notification will be taking place electronically, through the recently introduced “Ergani” system.

As from 13 September 2021, the Certificate of Commencement of Employment will be abolished.

3.   Each employer is required to maintain a Recruitment Register, in which personal information about each employee (such as serial number, name, ID card number, Social Insurance number, date of recruitment and date of commencement of employment) must be recorded.

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