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Changes to Employment and Social Insurance Regulations

The Cyprus Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance has recently announced that on 13 September 2021, the Social Insurance...

Release of Updated Publications Following Important Changes to Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit Programme

Following the very beneficial amendments introduced to the Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit Programme, we have updated our publications covering, among others, the said changes.

Increase in Earnings Cap for Employment Contribution Purposes

The earnings cap for Social Insurance purposes for 2021 will increase to €57,408 per annum (2020: €54,864 per annum). It is reminded...

Setting Up in Cyprus: Hiring/Relocating Personnel

We are examining aspects related to human resources, whether these relate to hiring employees from the local market and/or relocating existing personnel from abroad.

Deadline for Payment of Social Insurance Contributions for March 2020 Extended

The Cyprus Ministry of Labour announced on 2 May 2020 that the deadline for the payment of Social Insurance and related contributions for March...

Measures in Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak voted by Cyprus Parliament

Many business and employment related measures have been voted in to law by the Cyprus Parliament...

Measures to Support the Economy of Cyprus in Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak - Update

It has been clarified by the Ministry of Finance  that the months for which the contributions to the General Healthcare System will be reduced...

Increase in General Healthcare System Contributions

As from 1 March 2020, the respective contributions will increase to 2.90% for employers, 2.65% for employees, 4% for self-employed persons and 4.70% for the state... 

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