Measures Announced by Registrar of Companies in Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Cyprus Registrar of Companies (the “Registrar”) announced on 23 March 2020 some measures for supporting businesses in response to the restrictive provisions imposed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The measures are outlined below.

  • The procedure for publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of a 3 months’ notice before deregistration of non-compliant companies for what concerns submission of Annual Returns is postponed until January 2021.

  • The Annual Levy for 2020, which is due by 30 June 2020, can be paid until 31 December 2020 without any penalties imposed.

  • The imposition of an administrative fine for late filing of certain forms and notifications will be postponed to 2021. You can refer to our previous newsfeeds for more information on this.

  • Annual Returns prepared within 2020 can be submitted to the Registrar until 28 January 2021 without imposition of the €20 fine for late filing. 

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