Imposition of Penalties for Late Filing by Registrar of Companies – Revised Effective Date Announced

Further to our previous newsfeed on the measures announced by the Cyprus Registrar of Companies (the “Registrar”) for supporting businesses in response to the restrictive provisions imposed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Registrar announced on 16 April 2020 that the imposition of an administrative fine for late filing of certain forms and notifications will be postponed to 18 December 2020.

It was initially announced that the postponement would be until January 2021 but, as per the Companies (Amending) Law, which was voted by Parliament on 15 April 2020 and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic on the same date, the postponement date has been set exactly six months from the previous date, i.e. from 18 April 2020 to 18 December 2020.

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